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AMW was founded in 1987 by Abou Hamda & Emam to establish the industry of cutlery in Egypt. The project started with the assistance of Japanese technology and machines and developed in a very short time, producing different models and items covering most of the Egyptian market. Within two years we had built  our ownworkshop to enable us to to provide our own molds and spare parts.
On these solid bases the company grew rapidly to become no. 1 in the production of cutlery in all of Africa and the Middle East introducing new items such as, kitchen knives, kitchen utensils , trays, and serving dishes.

Mission Statement
"Alex Metal Works Factory is to provide high quality stainless steel products to satisfy its markets’ various needs by offering diverse products  at  a  suitable price.

Vision Statement
Our Vision for “Alex Metal Works Factory” is for the factory to be the leading trademark across the Middle East and Europe in the stainless steel market.

Our Values
As  our business continues to grow, our values remain the same.

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Safety & Care
  • Committed to offering the best to our customers, with products distinguished by authenticity, style and quality.